Sunday, 26 June 2011

Ring Rust!

Photographing wildlife as well as giving me great pleasure can also leave me with a great sense of frustration.
With this in mind, I wasn't expecting much from my first trip out with the camera in a very long time and I must admit I was very rusty!
It's easy to forget some of the basic rules when you've not been playing the game and today was a very hit and miss affair.
My predicament wasn't aided by me forgetting to take a tripod and having to get by using a 500mm lens handheld.
For this 'comeback' outing I decided to play safe and visit a small pond a few miles from home which I know is a favourite haunt of a Grey Heron...A bird that some of you may recall is a favourite of mine.


  1. That's what I call a great comeback ;)
    Love the second shot !

  2. 2 nices images, hte second is got it at the right moment ;)

  3. :) Many thanks guys.

  4. :) Thanks very much Bob