Sunday, 4 December 2011

Formby Reds On The Up!

Heartwarming news from the National Trust regarding the plight of the Red Squirrel at Formby Point on Merseyside...

Formby has been for many years one of the last English strongholds for our true native Squirrel, but a devastating outbreak of Squirrel Pox in 2008 left the animals on the brink of extinction at this important site.

The good news is, against all odds, the Red Squirrel has made a remarkable fightback and after a very successful breeding season, 2011 numbers are up 60%.
Long may it continue...


  1. Fantastic news to match the beautiful shot. I must take a trip to Formby.

  2. Many Thanks guys.
    Really good chance of spotting Reds again at Formby after a few lean years Christian...Well worth a visit!