Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Butterflies and Moody Skies.

Early yesterday evening, I had a quick walk down the Vale and after quite a warm day there was very little activity on the Mill Ponds, so I decided to have a walk around to see if I could spot anything of interest.

Highlight of the evening was a beautiful Peacock Butterfly that was doing it's very best to evade me for 5 or so minutes.
I'm by no means an expert on Butterflies or insects in general for that matter, but I do love to see them and if the chance arises, I will always do my best to get a shot of them...Even if it does mean trying to capture it with a 500mm lens like in this instance!

Eventually the beauty landed on some very 'scrubby' grass by the edge of the river which made getting a clean shot almost impossible and this was my best effort...

Away from the river and on the edge of the woods, there seemed to be a little bit of house-hunting going on with a pair of Blue Tits taking turns to survey a potential new property...

Finally, I had a walk to a different stretch of the river behind the railway viaduct and noticed a dark cloud was just about to pass over the sun, so I quickly grabbed my spare camera complete with wide lens and captured the moment.

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