Monday, 5 April 2010

The Egg Snatcher!

A quick trip to a small local pond that I hadn't visited for some time provided some interesting bird behaviour today.
I had planned to visit the pond to photograph Frogs, but on arrival I knew my chances would be slim because I wasn't the only visitor...

Grey Herons are notorious Frog eaters, but on this occasion at least, his luck was also out and he settled for a few Sticklebacks before making his exit...

The Heron actually missed out on a bit of a treat, because lying in the reeds only a few yards away was the egg of a Moorhen.
The egg wasn't going to survive the morning intact though and a short time later it was punctured...

Exhibit A

So who or what committed this terrible crime against the Moorhen egg?
Did the Grey Heron return?
Well no actually, the guilty party was non other than...
A Moorhen!
Strange goings on you may say and yes not something you see everyday, but not altogether unheard of.

I might be wrong but my theory is...The Moorhen in question was a male and with it being the breeding season, he destroyed the egg so he could have a (or another) go at mating with the female.

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