Sunday, 14 February 2010

Little Owl

After my trip to the Vale this morning, I drove back towards my home and decided to go on another recognisance mission to spot the Little Owls.
After the cold start to the morning, I figured that there was a good chance of seeing one today because I know they like to sun themselves on the farmhouse rooftop!

After parking the car, I set off on the half mile or so walk down the farm track and on arrival at the farmhouse looked up to see that the missing chimney pot had been replaced by something much more pleasing to the eye...

I mentioned yesterday that I have planned a couple of projects for the year...

Project 2 is something that can only take place in the spring and summer months because it involves migrant birds...That's all you're getting for now, but all will become clear when the time comes!

Project 1, I can reveal is something that will be ongoing throughout the year and possibly longer...I have set myself the challenge of finding and photographing every species of Owl in the Greater Manchester Borough of Stockport...My local patch as it were!

Quite a daunting task really and I'm not 100% sure how many species there are in Stockport, although I'm confident that there are at least four. I'm not going to settle for 'record' shots, I really would like to get some very nice detailed images of the Owls, so this is why I think it's going to be quite a long adventure.

A request for your help please...

Now I have found a good site for the Little Owls, I'm fairly confident that I'll be able to tick them off the list in the next month or so.

However, I'd be very grateful to hear from any local residents who know of any Owl sites in the Stockport area.

Actually, not just Owls...I'd love to hear about any interesting wildlife such as Foxes, Badgers and of course any unusual bird sightings.

You can reach me via the contact page of my website...

*Reports of sensitive species will of course be treated in the strictest confidence.

Many thanks


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