Saturday, 6 February 2010

Winter Sunshine

I've been a bit busy today, but managed a quick trip down to Reddish Vale at first light.
After the tragic death of the Cob Swan last week I wanted to pay a visit and see how his orphaned Pen was getting on...Sadly she was nowhere to be seen.
I was told earlier this week that two new Swans had visited and the young Pen who had been very distressed since the loss of her father, seemed to get on very well with the new arrivals.
Although the two left alone that day, I'm thinking perhaps they returned and the Pen decided to take off with them.

It was still a little dark for photography when I first arrived at the Vale, so I had a walk around the Mill Ponds to see what was about...13 Goosander, 16 Tufted Duck and a pair of Wigeon were the highlights.
The promise of winter sunshine had brought out quite a few Anglers and as the sun came up, I knew this was bad news for me and my hopes of capturing some of the notoriously shy Goosanders!
The light was beautiful at times and despite being a little disappointed about the Goosander, I made the most of it by photographing a few of the more common residents...

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