Saturday, 20 February 2010

County Listings

Reddish Vale has come up trumps this year for visiting species of wildfowl...So far we've had Shoveler, Wigeon and today Pochard stopping off.
OK, not mega rare birds granted, but still very important birds for the County Lister's to record and not very common for Stockport!

When I spotted today's Pochard, I immediately sent a text message to John Rayner, who has volunteered to take on the task of listing the Boroughs birds this year.
I had promised to let John know of any unusual sightings on my local travels and he soon arrived at the Vale to take a look at the new arrival.

Although I've always been very passionate about birds, I've never been one for keeping lists and counting different species...For me the 'buzz' is about getting a decent photograph and being outdoors with nature.
I do however admire the work that folk like John do very much and I'm fully aware of how important it is.

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