Monday, 2 August 2010

Colours Of The Moors

I spent a couple of hours in the Derbyshire Dales this afternoon, walking in the moors above Hathersage.
The village of Hathersage itself is a beautiful little place and legend has it that it is the the birth place of Robin Hood's right hand man Little John.
In fact the parish church has a elongated grave in the cemetery which is said to be the final resting place of the English folk hero.

The moorland itself is typical of the Dark Peak area and the landscape is dominated by large limestone outcrops...

The moors are at their most beautiful at this time of the year with the purple heather in full bloom...
Today was very typical of the Peak District and the early afternoon sunshine soon gave way to much more threatening conditions...
The Moorland habitat supports a diverse array of wildlife and today's highlights included this lovely female Stonechat and she was posing very nicely for me on a sprig of heather...

It's always worth scanning the hundreds of rocks that litter the landscape, because the birds of the moors like very much to secure good vantage points to oversee their territories and this Meadow Pipit was doing just that...


  1. Wow what a stunning landscape !!
    A real beauty that I like to visit one day - must be really nice there :)
    Thanks a lot for this beautiful pictures !

  2. Great landscapes, but the Stonechat images is the most attractive to me! Keep on shooting ;)