Sunday, 22 August 2010

Keeping A Low Profile...

August is perhaps the most frustrating month of the year for photographing wildlife on my local patch.
Food is plentiful so birds don't feel they have to come anywhere near us humans in search of a meal and the spoils are so rich in the summer that many can pick and choose when to feed and remain out of human sight altogether.

To make things worse for the wildlife photographer, vegetation is at it's peak and finding anything to photograph can prove difficult in the lush greenery which covers the English countryside and woodlands.

During these months, the best option is to concentrate on water birds, both the wildfowl and sea varieties.
Woodland birds are a nightmare in the summer because the leaf canopy usually makes even the strongest summer light poor, so I usually choose bright leafless winter days for these birds.

One bird however, isn't a stranger to hiding in thick vegetation whatever the season and when visiting sites with reed beds, it's always worth having a good look for them.
The Grey Heron, like it's close relative the Bittern is never happier when patrolling a reed bed, but unlike the very shy Bittern, thankfully they do like to spend time in the open as well...


  1. Wonderful photos!

    The first one is outstanding! Bravo!

    Kisses with love.

  2. Wow, that's still pretty good to get nice shots like this. The last one is perfect and splendid!

  3. Great images, the last one is very impressive!

  4. Superb set of this beautiful bird !
    I agree with Chris and Dominic ... the last one is stunning :)

  5. Wow, fantastic shots! The first one is my favourite.