Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Elusive Kingfisher

One of the most popular UK birds without any doubt is the beautiful Kingfisher.
I have spent a number of years following the fortunes of the resident Kingfishers at the Vale throughout the seasons and after a scare earlier in the year, following the harsh winter, I'm very pleased to say that they appear to be doing pretty well again.

The thing about the Kingfishers of the Vale is that they are extremely difficult to photograph.
Don't get me wrong, Kingfishers are never easy to photograph, but the favourite perches of the Vale birds are all in very camera unfriendly locations and spread over a vast area of varying habitat.

To top it off, quite frankly I've never had a great deal of luck with these birds either...I could talk all day about the countless hard luck stories I have about the Fisher King and the 'shot that got away', but I'm sure that everybody that has ever attempted to photograph these stunning birds has countless tales they could tell, so I won't bore you with mine.
:) Well at least not today!

On Sunday I had a very close 10 minute encounter with a young male Kingfisher. but frustratingly he spent most of the time ducking and diving behind branches and leaves.
It was as ever a wonderful experience none the less, despite not being able to get a clean shot at him...


  1. A wonderful bird to watch ... and not always easy to photograph yes !
    Your pics are quite nice though :)

  2. Wonderful!

    ... and lovely...


  3. I share your pain! Kingfishers are wonderful and elusive. I love the second image here, nonetheless. A great pose!