Monday, 3 May 2010

Bempton Cliffs

An early start yesterday for the two and a half hour drive to Bempton Cliffs on the north east coast of Yorkshire.
Bempton Cliffs is probably the best place in England to see sea birds and also offers some stunning views.

The light was just about perfect on arrival, but there was a very strong and cold North Sea wind that was good for keeping the birds on the wing, but bad for trying to photograph them...Keeping the camera still even with a tripod proved difficult at times as the wind blew hard towards us.

The other downside of the wind was the white stuff that it was blowing about and covering everybody in...Yes this is a very large sea bird colony and a lot of birds means a lot of bird muck and a lot of sea bird muck also creates a very strong fishy smell that takes a bit of getting used to!

Now to the birds...

Bempton is certainly one of the best places in the world for close up views of the amazing and very beautiful Gannet.
We were treated to some wonderful displays both in the air and on the cliffs as pairs of Gannets went through their courting ritual of banging their bills together in a almost sword fighting fashion.

When they weren't courting of performing dazzling mid-air maneuvers, the Gannets were busy finding nesting material.

Other stars of the show yesterday were Guillemots, Razorbills and Kittiwakes.

Oh and least I forget a little bird that perhaps brings more visitors than any other in the hope of even a distant view...The Puffin!

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