Sunday, 25 July 2010


Wherever you find Kingfishers in my local area, there is a good chance that there may be another beautiful little bird that thrives in freshwater streams and rivers...The Dipper.

5 out of the 6 Kingfisher sites that I know of locally are also the home to Dippers and when I came across this female bird feeding in a stream earlier this year, I was particularly happy to see her...

The reason I was so happy is I noticed that this Dipper was a ringed bird and I happened to be present at her ringing early in 2009.
I met up with members of the South Manchester Dipper Project at a location close to my home, just as the guys were freeing the bird from a mist net that they had set up on the stream close to the Dippers nesting site.
The bird was carefully placed in a specially designed bag and we then proceeded to the car park where the group carried out some important checks on her.
The first job was a quick examination to check that she was in good health and she passed this with flying colours.
Next the Dipper, still in bag was weighed...
Then came the most important part, the ringing its self.
A steady hand was required for this and I was full of admiration for the amount of speed and skill on display here...
All done and a final health check before the bird was returned to the stream...

The thing that struck me most was how calm the Dipper remained throughout the process, showing no sign what so ever of any distress.
Again a glowing testiment to the talents of these ringers.


  1. How amazing! You photographed all times to show us ... thanks.


  2. A beautiful bird and a very interesting post ! Thanks you