Saturday, 3 July 2010


Not all that uncommon, but certainly one of the hardest to spot little birds you're likely to come across is the Treecreeper...
Hard to spot because of their small size and brilliant camouflage, the Treecreeper is somewhat of a oddity amongst birds.

These woodland specialities spend their time hopping from tree to tree where they tend to land low or even the very bottom, before winding their way up the top in a slow spiral motion.
There is a very good reason of course to why the Treecreeper does this...Quite simply, food!
Treecreepers feed on the many grubs and insects that live on the bark of trees.

This morning I came across an adult and four Juvenile birds at a spot near my home and had to make the best of the low light conditions which tend to hamper shots of this species...


  1. Uma série de fotos fantástica! Que sorte você tem...


  2. Great serie, those little bird are very hard to photograph ;)