Sunday, 18 July 2010

Talk About The Weather

Just over a week ago, United Utilities the company that supplies household water to the North West Of England announced a hosepipe ban because of a severe lack of rain in the region.
The reservoirs are very low in this part of the world so I guess the action is understandable, but inevitably ever since the water shortage was announced, it hasn't stopped raining!

For somebody who likes to get out and about with the camera as often as possible, it's all getting to be a rather frustrating business.
Now I'm not one of those fair weather photographers and I don't mind a little bit of rain, but the light hasn't been brilliant and the few times I have ventured out in the last week it seems that the wildlife has decided to stay in!

Well I've had enough and with forecasts of more gloom to come in the next week, I have set myself a challenge to get out and find some wildlife to photograph.
I've decided I'm not going to sit around moaning about the rain, I'm going to get out and embrace it...Starting tomorrow!
Or I could I suppose post some more old images from my archives...No, no I'm going to get out, get wet and get some new images for you.

Watch this space...

Storm clouds gathering over Manchester

1 comment:

  1. You can get many beautiful photos with the presence of rain, depending on the place you choose, although the animals are trapped in their hiding places not to wet ...

    Kisses waiting new photos.