Monday, 19 July 2010

A Few From This Evening

I managed to finally drag myself out into the miserable English weather earlier this evening after nearly going stir crazy due to lack of photography!
It was actually quite a pleasant day at times today, but by the time I finally managed to get out of the office, the gloom had descended.

I decided to pay a visit to Etherow Park and quickly located the House Sparrow colony I photographed the other week.
The light was fading fast, but I was lucky enough to get a few shots away...

The rain soon started to fall and photo opportunities were fading with the light.
It was as they say "nice weather for ducks" although this female Mallard didn't seem to care all that much about it...

A flock of Canada Geese came flying towards me in the poor light.
Shutter speed was low, so I focused on one bird and panned around on him has he came past.
I've always enjoyed taking slow shutter shots of wildlife in motion and this one although not quite as slow as I would of liked, didn't turn out too bad...


  1. Nice shots, the goose one is very nice thanks to the slow shutter :)

  2. The animal world is truly a charm! Such photos are beautiful! The latter is special!


  3. Very nice set !
    The sparrow is wonderful - very nice colors ! A real beauty :)