Saturday, 24 July 2010

Return Of The Fisher King

A few weeks back I told you about what appeared to be the sad demise following the harsh winter of the Kingfisher at Reddish Vale, a place that has been a stronghold for these stunning birds in recent years.
Well has it happens, the very next day after making that post I spotted two birds flying over the main Mill Ponds at the Vale!

I didn't want to get too excited, so I remained open-minded about this sighting and indeed returned a number of times in the next few days only to be disappointed.
Then a couple of weeks ago, I saw the birds again, but after returning the next couple of days, I drew blanks.

The good news is I have visited the sight on three occasions this week and I have found 2 very active young Kingfishers each time.
Not only that, it appears that the birds are well settled here and are using the areas of the Vale that have been used traditionally by Kingfishers in the past.

This morning I managed to get a fairly close view of one of the birds and hopefully this will be the first of many more to come...


  1. Great catch of this beauty !
    Those birds are really fascinating :)

  2. A splendid bird!

    Kisses with love.