Thursday, 22 July 2010

Ghosts Of The Forest

A seldom seen creature of Britain's forests and woodlands is the Fallow Deer.
Despite being one of the countries largest mammals these shy animals remain amazingly aloof and are very wary of human beings.

The best chance of spotting Fallow Deer is early morning, just after dawn or the hour or so before sunset in the evening.
The best places to look for them are areas of good grazing grassland close to densely wooded areas.

The Deer never seem to venture too far from the edge of the woodland and if disturbed will quickly vanish into the trees...It's uncanny how a fairly large herd can disappear almost ghostlike seemingly without trace!

Good cover is essential for getting near to Fallow Deer and here are a couple of shots taken early on a beautiful spring morning of a Doe emerging to feed from the woods.
Unfortunately, my cover wasn't quite good enough and she soon spotted me!

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