Tuesday, 15 June 2010

And Then There Was One...

As promised I payed another visit to see how the new Mute Swan family was getting along this evening and I'm afraid it's not good news...
The clutch of four seemingly healthy Cygnets is now down to just one.

I'm yet to discover what has occurred since my last visit on Sunday, but I suspect that they may have been taken by Mink or even a Grey Heron that has been lurking fairly close to the nest.
My gut feeling is Mink though, because I think the chances of a Heron successfully getting away with three youngsters is pretty remote.

I had a look around the area of the nest site and a few yards away there were what appeared to be signs of a struggle with adult Swan feathers close to some more downy feathers which I believe must have been that of one of the Cygnets.
I just hope that the two adults can keep the one remaining youngster safe from harm.

I'll leave you with some shots from this evening of the birds and lets hope that these won't be the last ones...

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  1. Que fotos deliciosas... a terceira está lindinha... especial!