Sunday, 27 June 2010

Last Night On The Moors

Summer on the Moors of the Peak District has a distinctive purple flavour to it...
In the next few weeks the landscape in some areas will be transformed into a sea of Purple Heather, but there is at the moment a taster of this colouration with the first Thistles coming into bloom...
Last night wasn't a good night for spotting Red Grouse, but there were plenty of other Moorland birds around.
Evenings like early mornings are a great time for watching wildlife and the birds were very active and in very good voice.

One of the most numerous birds on display was the Meadow Pipit, although as usual you had to look carefully into long grass for them...

Highlight for me last night and always a pleasure to see was the Golden Plover...


  1. A natureza fica até mais incrível através das suas lentes...


  2. Great images, the last one is piece of art...very well composed!

  3. Lovely ones ! The last one is gorgeous - love this !

  4. Thanks a lot for your kind words guys.