Sunday, 13 June 2010

Not So Ugly Ducklings!

Great news this weekend from one of my local sites with the first new Mute Swan arrivals for 3 years.
I first noticed the Pen Swan on eggs about a month ago and I've been waiting eagerly for the hatching ever since.
There was a clutch of 5 eggs and 4 of these hatched successfully on Friday evening.

Worryingly the newborns have already captured the attention of a Mink that has been 'seen off' by the adult birds on at least two occasions.

I kept a good distance away from the nest this morning and after a 2 hour wait, the new family took to the water for a very brief swim...

The Cygnets never strayed further than a few feet from their mothers side and even the proud Cob Swan didn't get much of a look in!

I'll be visiting the site again in a day or two to hopefully get some close ups of the Cygnets, so watch this space!


  1. Awwww Anthony !!! Wonderful pics :)
    Love the tenderness in number 3 and 4 - absolutely beautiful !

  2. Fotografias lindíssimas! Uma família de primeira!

    Gostei do seu espaço...