Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The First Six Months...A Thank You!

June has been my most prolific month for posting since this blog began back in January, thanks mainly to the many new arrivals that this month has to offer.
When I started this blog, I did wonder if I would be able to do it justice with regular postings...

My main concern was finding things to talk about, but I needn't have worried...Nature throws up something new and exciting every day.
I've also discovered something new about myself since starting this blog...I can't half ramble on!
Apologies for that then, but amongst all the rambling, I hope I've provided at least a few points of interest and better still I hope I've managed to inspire some into taking a closer look at the wildlife that surrounds them...For me this is the most important thing.

The proudest point in my photographic 'career' came last year and it was having my work published in a children's bird book...The thought that seeing my pictures (and those of some much better photographers than myself) might inspire some young child to develop a life-long love of nature is something that fills me with great happiness.
That really is the point of this blog really...To do my little bit in regards to making people aware of nature and the importance of conservation.

So here we are now, 6 months down the line and still going strong and I must say I've really enjoyed doing this...It's been good fun mainly and from messages I've received and comments posted I'm happy that some of you enjoy it too!

I'd just like to say a huge thank you to everybody who has taken the time to read the blog, look at the pictures and post comments...It means a lot to know that somebody is out there!

Finally, the last images from June and the last from Sundays visit to Pennington Flash.
I thought it was only fitting to end the month with more of what has been the theme of the month...New life!
Mallard Ducklings to be precise...

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  1. Thank YOU for all those beautiful pictures you share with us Anthony ! It's a real pleasure to visit you :)
    Hope there will be lot more months with such nice pics ;)