Thursday, 24 June 2010

The Fab Four

On Monday and Tuesday I visited the local site where the four fledgling Kestrels are nesting.
Two of these fine looking birds of prey are still a little nervous and they are keeping their flying restricted to the relative safety of the area close to the railway viaduct where their nestbox is located.

The other two birds and especially one in particular are far more adventurous and are leaving the box for long sorties and seem to be covering some serious territory.

I'm still very mindful of getting too close to these birds, but I have been edging a little closer with my camera and I reckon I just about know the limits of how close I can get without causing the youngsters and their parents any distress...

Hopefully I've still got about a week or so to get some more shots before the class of 2010 finally leave the nestbox and go their own way into the big wide world...So watch this space!

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  1. Fico encantada com suas histórias. E as fotos são divinas!